2016 International Symposium on Nanofluid Heat and Mass Transfer in Textile Engineering and 5th International Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics

Nonlinear Science Letters C: Nano, Biology and Environment is an International Peer Reviewed Journal in the series of Nonlinear Science published by Asian Academic Publisher Limited.
Nonlinear Science Letters C: Nano, Biology and Environment contains research across many application areas of nonlinear science, including but not limited to nanoscience and nanotechnology, biology and physiology, environment and geoscience.
Nonlinearity means that the superposition principle does not apply. Causal effects are related by something more complicated than a simple sequence of proportional inputs-outputs. Complex systems, structures and materials are the most appropriate frameworks where nonlinear methods and theories should be employed.
Contributions are welcome in other areas of natural, technological, and social sciences where nonlinearity and complexity are the main issue.
In particular, new approaches addressed to interpreting data, developing new models and designing experiments in nonlinear and complex systems including but not limited to :

  • Biological reactions, genomic sequences, physiological signals.
  • Nanostructures and nanodevices.
  • Geophysical and environmental systems. Turbulence. Complex fluids.
  • Engineering and technological structures exhibiting unpredictable nonlinear behaviour and failure under real operating condition.
  • Economic and social systems where nonlinearities manifest in the form of imperfect informations and irrationalities. Heterogeneous agent models.
We welcome experimental, computational (including simulation and modelling) and theoretical studies on concepts and methods dealing with nonlinear systems.
Please note that all papers published in Nonlinear Science Letters C must meet our strict quality and interest criteria.
The main criterion for acceptance is the significant advancement to the understanding of phenomena relevant to nonlinear systems.
     Xiaohua Yang
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