2016 International Symposium on Nanofluid Heat and Mass Transfer in Textile Engineering and 5th International Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics

Journal: Nonlinear Science Letters A
(ISSN 2519-9072(Online), ISSN 2076-2275 (Print))          Vol. 1 No. 3
Hierarchical Structure, Golden Mean and Fractal Dimension of Cotton Fiber
Shuai Zhang, Jun-Fang Liu, Fa-Xue Li*, Jian-Yong Yu*
Key Laboratory of Textile Science & Technology, Ministry of Education, Donghua University, 2999 Renmin Beilu Road, Shanghai 201620, China
Modern Textile Institute, Donghua University, 1882 West Yan-an Road, Shanghai 200051, China
* Corresponding Authors. Emails: fxlee@dhu.edu.cn(F.X. Li), yujy@dhu.edu.cn (J.Y. Yu)
Abstract: Why do cotton fibers have superior moisture transferring property? This paper reveals that the self-similarity of fibrillar structure of cotton fibers is the key. The fractal dimensions are calculated, which are very close to the Golden Mean (1.618), revealing that certain optimal structure existed in the cotton fibers. It might provide new idea for designing new textile productions with good moisture-transferring property.

Keywords: Cotton fiber, moisture transferring, fractal dimension, Golden Mean, nano scale

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